Five Important Tasks You Should Ask Your Office Cleaners to Pay Extra Special Attention To

Posted on: 3 February 2017
Office cleaning professionals are generally a pretty thorough bunch, but there are a few things that aren't included in standard cleaning packages that, for the good of your office and workers, you might want to specifically ask them to do! #1: Deep-clean all keyboards occasionally to deal with a surprising harbinger of germs and grime. A few years back, it hit the news that keyboards are actually filthy. As technology advances, there's one thing that hasn't changed--office keyboards remain safe harbours for all kinds of nasty things you don't want your workforce coming down with!
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Important Tips for Keeping a Trash Bin Safe on Your Property

Posted on: 1 February 2017
If you manage an apartment complex or own a commercial building of any sort, you will probably need a rubbish bin on your property. Some homeowners may also opt for a long-term rubbish bin rental. If you're doing major renovations to your home or are building a new home, you'll need to keep the job site clean and organized. Whatever your reasons for needing a rubbish bin, note a few tips for keeping it safe and secure on your property.
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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Professional Window Washer

Posted on: 29 September 2016
When you're in charge of a retail store, apartment complex, university, or office building, you never want to assume that you or your maintenance staff should handle your window cleaning. Not only could it be dangerous for you or your janitor to be on a ladder cleaning upper story windows, but getting those windows clean may require the use of special tools and cleaning solutions. When you are ready to hire a professional window washer, note some questions you might want to ask so you know what their work includes.
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4 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Posted on: 20 September 2016
While vacuuming your carpet might seem like a straightforward if somewhat boring chore, it is actually more complex than you think. If you are making one of the 4 mistakes listed below, you might not be cleaning your carpets effectively.  Rushing the job You should always avoid quickly running the vacuum cleaner around a room in a hurry. If you rush a vacuuming job, the brush attachment will not have the time to properly agitate the fibres of the carpet and so will not be able to properly extract the debris and dust which are trapped between them.
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